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The Adult Toy Depot is your one stop shop for all adult toys. We carry thousands of sex toys to cater for everyone’s needs - whether you're single, a couple, straight or gay, we're confident that we'll have a toy for you. Adult toys can bring so much fun to the bedroom or any relationship.

A History of Adult Toys

The normal definition of an adult toy is a device or object that can be used to provide human sexual pleasure! Adult toys can range from simple devices that replicate human genitalia to more complicated vibrating items. The earliest known sex toy dates back nearly 28,000 years and has become well known as the “ice age dildo”! Its eight inches long and a half inch wide, it’s size and shape leads scientists to have concluded that it may well of been used as a very primitive sex toy!

The actual term “dildo” didn’t appear until renaissance Italy some 600 years ago. Then the Italians made dildos from wood or stone and required much lubrication before they could be used comfortably! A far cry from the smooth rabbit vibrators we have today.

Adult toys took a great leap forward in the 18th century when the process of vulcanizing rubber was invented. This meant that dildos no longer needed to be made from tough, unforgiving materials like wood and stone and instead could be made from smoother, more human like rubber. The same process would later go on to allow scientists to create condoms and other sex toys from rubber.

In 1869 the humble dildo was finally brought to life and became a vibrator when American physician George Taylor produced the first working vibrator. It was however far from hand-held and instead came in the format of a large steam powered device! It was initially used to treat an illness known as “female hysteria”!

In 1994 adult toys became something much more than just dildos and vibrators for women with the invention of the Fleshlight. Advances in latex rubber technology meant that the rubber could be produced to be incredibly like the human anatomy. Shortly after this the Rabbit vibrator made its first television appearance in HBOs “Sex and the City”. Demand for the toy rapidly improved after the show was aired.

One of the most recent adult toys to reach the market was when Apple began to approve adult related apps to their app store. Developers quickly jumped on the band wagon and produced a MyVibe app designed to mimic a sex toy using your smartphone!

Who knows what will come next for adult toys?

Our Range of Adult Toys

Anal Toys

Our range of anal sex toys is extensive to say the least. We have toys of all shapes and sizes for both the experienced and newer users. Experiment today with our fantastic range of anal adult toys.


When you think of sex toys, you think of vibrators. It's no surprise then that we carry a huge selection from affordable simple vibrators to powerful orgasm inducing rabbit vibrators!


We have a great selection of realistic and plain dildos. You can choose from small, medium right the way up to some super-large monster dildo sex toys!


We love bondage stuff and were confident you will be able to find the adult sex toys you need for your fantasies. Whether your after restraints, whips or other crazy equipment we can help you out.

Male Sex Toys

Believe it or not, sex dolls and other male sex toys are almost as popular as our rabbit vibrators now! We've got a massive selection of sex dolls, fleshlight masturbators and penis pumps so be sure to check them all out.

Sex Essentials

You need lube to enjoy most adult toys properly so be sure to stock up. We've also got condoms in bulk to save you money.

Sexy Lingerie

One of our largest and most popular areas of the site, we've got lingerie for every occasion.

Our Promises

Discreet Service

We only ever ship products to you in the most discrete way possible. That means boring boxes and no embarassing labels. It's impossible to tell what's inside and no one will suspect a thing.

Secure Payment.

We pride ourselves in offering a secure and safe online shopping service. That's why we use trusted payment processors like Paypal to take payment. You can be sure your details are safe at all times this way.